How to win your sports bets? Is it profitable? My opinion!

For my part, the day I registered was a Champions League evening. I had the right to a combined bet which made me dangle a rating of 6.60. As well as a “first bet reimbursed up to 100 euros”.

My first bet

As a precaution, I did not bet 100 euros at once. Even though it was supposed to be refunded in the event of a losing bet. I rather placed (wanted to place) in the 30 or 35 euros combined.

Some explanations

For those who don’t know anything about it, I have reserved this passage. As for the others, you can zap! A 먹튀폴리스 sports bet consists of betting on sportle events. For example “Who will win this match? », « who will score? », « which will be the next team to lead in the score », « what will be the score at half-time? etc. Each bet is associated with a rating, ie an “amount” that you will receive if you win your bet. More precisely it is a multiplicative factor:

If a bet has odds of 2, and you bet 10 euros:

  • You win your bet => you receive 2*10 = 20 euros (i.e. 10 euros in profit)
  • You lose your bet => you lose your stake (i.e. 10 euros lost)
  • You can make several single bets (i.e. separately), but what is interesting is that you can also make them simultaneously and thus multiply the odds. This is called a combined bet. For example, with a bet rated 2 and another rated 3, you can opt for a combination bet and multiply your stake by 6. However, if at least one of the 2 bets is bad, you lose everything!

Back to our sheep…

So I wanted to “test” a combination bet with an odds of 100. Why 100? It is enormous! Because at that time, betting that a team won the game was like betting that it qualified. So I added a few extra bets, which multiplied the odds.

First “ball”

Upon validation, my combined bet is canceled and then transformed into several single bets! Consequence: my famous “first bet refunded” no longer holds since it has metamorphosed into multiple bets. The bet was considered as my first one is a winner and the other losers… I can therefore no longer be reimbursed.

The second

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose: from the moment you have loaded money into your account, you have to go through a lot of steps in order to recover your bet. Photocopy of identity card, confirmation of postal address, etc. Basically, you are stuck!

In the end, I lost about twenty euros on this first bet.

I still continued to find out more about how it works. What follows are the conclusions I have drawn and some recommendations.

Techniques and tips

Here is a list of rules in my opinion (and not only) to respect.

What you absolutely must avoid!

Don’t think you’re smarter than the bookmakers! They have at their disposal resources (human and material) that enable them to limit their losses. Besides most of the time, they are winners. As for their marketing team and their partners, they take care of attracting “vulnerable customers” in search of money. Surebets consist of betting with several bookmakers at the same time by playing on the odds so as to be a winner in all cases: you bet on the defeat of a team on the 1st site, the draw on the 2nd site, and the victory of this same team on the 3rd site… 

And whatever the outcome of the match, the difference in odds at the 3 bookmakers would theoretically allow you to generate profits (low compared to the bet). Unfortunately, the bookmakers know this practice, make sure to have close odds, and can cancel your bets. Imagine that one of your 3 bets is canceled and not the other 2. You will most certainly end up losing! Avoid sure bets!

Do not bet large sums (even if you think you are sure to win). Avoid putting all your capital into play. Even with a 95% chance of winning your bet, betting 1000 euros to win 10 euros is dangerous. In fact, you risk losing everything. And you will probably find it difficult to recover these 1000 euros. This is why it is recommended to play less than 5% of your bankroll on each bet.

Do not rely on your “intuition”. There are intuitions that are based on nothing but an “I feel good about it”. Unless you are a very lucky or instinctive person, this is a great way to end up losing.

No impulses! You just lost your bet. Don’t bet bigger to make up for your mistake!

Avoid live betting. These bets depend a lot on your mood and emotions. When we are euphoric or angry, we tend to make bad choices, to “play on a whim”. At the limit, you can take the temperature to see how the match looks… Or even try to bet on penalties (if your bet does not end up canceled..) “Exit” exact scores, and fanciful bets. In general, too many possibilities => less chance of winning the bet. Don’t bet unless it’s a valuebet+ (see below)..

Limit your number of accumulator bets. If you are a newbie, the best would be winning bookmaker promo code to stay on simple bets. A combined bet multiplies your odds, but often… multiplies your chance of losing even more!

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