Which are the common Tennis Betting Terms?

Tennis betting is quite a money-making process when done with the right amount of knowledge and skills. Apart from having a clear knowledge of the various ways and methods of indulging ourselves in tennis betting, we must also be familiar with specific terms which we must be familiar with. Before delving into online tennis betting techniques, these terms, as mentioned below, will help take us through the whole process smoothly. Superwin is the trusted name in online betting, offering a plethora of sports and casino games.

Some of the common betting terms in the field of tennis betting are as follows:

  • Deuce: This kind of bet is made regarding whether a particular team will reach a deuce, i.e., 40-40.
  • Final Matchup: This kind of bet is usually made on a final matchup. At the start of the match, there are several options, but as and when the match proceeds, these options get terminated
  • Game score: This refers to betting on the exact score of the game within a set.
  • Game score after (x) points: This refers to tennis betting on the score of a game after a certain number of points.
  • Game winner: Refers to betting on the winner of one game.
  • Games won- match: Bets made on the number of games expected to be won in one match.
  • Games won-set bets: Made on the number of games that are expected to be won in one set.
  • Match-winner: Bets made on the winner of the match.
  • Multi-game outcome: There are three options when online tennis bettings are made on multi-game Either player 1 wins both games, player 2 wins both games, or the players split the game.
  • Point winner: Betting on the winner at a particular point.
  • Race- points: Betting on which player will reach 30 points first. There’s no relevance to the margin. It’s just a race to a certain number of points.
  • Race- games: A bet made on which player will win 3 games first. Here also, there’s no relevance of a margin.
  • Set score: Another type of term regarding tennis betting is set score. We can bet on the final set score before or during the match.
  • Spread- Games (match): Win in tennis is usually earned by a maximum number of set wins and not more than game wins. Most commonly, it might be the case that the player has won more games but lost the overall match.
  • Stage of elimination: We can bet on any seven possible stages of elimination. Be it the first round, second round, third round, fourth round, quarterfinals, semifinals, final – or tournament winner.
  • Tournament winner: This bet is made to simply pick the winner of the whole tournament.


Being thorough with such betting terms is vital before setting foot on this field. These terms will be helpful for us in choosing the right place to place our bets. Moreover, tennis betting websites like Superwin provide a clearer and deeper insight into this field. These websites have enough information for those planning to get into tennis betting. Also, we can indulge in live tennis betting to earn a profit.

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