The Ultimate Guide to Casino Bonuses For New Players

Alt: Casino Bonuses

Many punters enjoy playing their favourite casino games online due to the bonuses offered at virtual casino platforms. Online casino bonuses increase players’ chances of winning cash prizes when they play real money games. To make the most of these bonuses, punters need to learn more about them. Receiving a high bonus sometimes doesn’t mean you have received the best offer there is. On that note, we will discuss the ultimate guide to casino bonuses to help new players make proper gambling decisions. 

Bonus Terms and Conditions 

Many new players do not read the terms and conditions of the bonuses offered at online casinos before signing up. Doing this could be costly because reading the terms of casino bonuses would come in handy in the long run. The terms and conditions of virtual casinos vary from one another, so you must read the requirements of every casino you visit before signing up. 

Casino rewards like 21 bit casino bonuses usually come with wagering requirements that must be met before they can be withdrawn. These wagering requirements are normally linked to a particular number of times that punters need to wager the bonus amounts. For instance, if the betting requirement is 30 times and a player is rewarded with a $200 bonus. The player would need to place wagers worth $6,000 collectively to meet the wagering requirements. 

Bonus Categories 

Alt: Several bonus types

As a new player, you must understand the several bonus categories offered in virtual gambling platforms. There are two main types of casino bonuses you will come across online, they are:

  • Welcome Bonuses 
  • Regular Bonuses 


Welcome Bonuses 

The welcome bonus is the reward awarded to players by the casino upon their registration. After signing up, new players are required to activate this bonus before it can one into play. There are several types of welcome bonuses and they are as follows:

  • Welcome deposit bonus 
  • Signup free spins 
  • Signup free cash 

  • Welcome Deposit Bonus 

After signing up at a regulated casino with your PC, Android smartphone or other mobile devices, you’re likely to get this reward. However, to qualify for this bonus, new players are required to deposit a specific amount of money into their bankrolls. After making the deposit, the casino would match it to a specific percentage. For instance, if you sign up at a casino that offers a 100% welcome deposit bonus of up to €300, you could earn up to €300. Therefore, as the bonus percentage is 100%, your bankroll will be funded with an extra €300 if your first deposit is €300.

This sort of reward is beneficial to players that can’t find their bankrolls with huge amounts. It enables new players to explore several games offered at the casino and place more bets than they would with a small bankroll. 

  • Signup Free spins 

This bonus is another category of reward awarded to new players by online gambling platforms. Some virtual casinos award free spins to new customers after the signup process without needing to make a deposit. While others award them to new players alongside the welcome deposit bonus as an extra reward. You are required to go through the casino’s free spins terms and conditions before accepting the reward. This is because the free spins and deposit bonus usually come with different betting requirements. 

  • Signup Free Cash 

Several virtual gambling platforms offer new players free money after registration. However, these rewards usually come with certain terms and conditions. Some casinos don’t allow withdrawals of more than €100 from the free cash for some time. 

Regular Bonuses 

Regulated virtual gambling platforms offer their existing customers regular bonuses for their loyalty. Although these rewards vary from casino to casino, you’re likely to come across the following rewards at a regulated gambling platform:

  • Deposit rewards 
  • Tournaments 
  • Cashback bonuses 
  • Loyalty points

  • Deposit Rewards 

Top casinos do not only award deposit bonuses to new players but also to existing customers. Although these rewards are not as significant as welcome bonuses, several regulated casinos offer them to their loyal customers every week. Besides that, these gambling platforms give existing players free spins whenever they make deposits as low as €20 to €30. 

  • Tournaments 

Top gambling platforms and their game developers provide punters with tournaments to inspire and engage them. During these tournaments, players play against other real players to attain the best multiplier in a given slot game. 

  • Cashback Bonuses 

Regulated online casinos give this bonus to their customers a percentage of their house edge on a monthly or weekly basis. It is usually given according to the players’ activities and loyalty levels. At some top online casinos, players are allowed to withdraw their cashback rewards anytime. 

  • Loyalty Points 

Several regulated top casinos give their players loyalty points for everything they play in real money casino games. At these casinos, players are ranked according to their points and punters at the top tiers earn the best rewards. 

Final Thoughts

Online casinos are favourite arenas for gamblers due to the rewards they offer their customers. Although the rewards they offer will increase your chances of winning, you should study the ultimate guide for casino bonuses before playing for real money. 

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