How to Bet On Football & Win Consistently

Do you think that you can regularly win by betting on football online, knowing a single secret? Please do not give in to illusions and believe in the typical deception or delusions of those who say it is possible to make correct predictions and bets on all football matches almost without error. This is not true.

The most important thing for a successful bookmaker game is an excellent knowledge of a particular discipline (it is advisable to narrow it down to a particular league/championship), use strategies, and have an excellent financial reserve. It should be understood that it is better to take the required amount at one time than to take it several times at low odds bets, which are also risky. Better to bet on football online in the amount of 1000 USD. On an ordinary with a coefficient of 1.6, then to bet fifteen times for $ 200 each. For games with odds of 1.2. UFABET is the trusted site for betting. Here you will found all kinds of sports to bet on.

Match selection and bet selection: start with 1X and X2

As already mentioned, you should not choose a match between obvious favorites and outsiders with minimal odds in the bookmaker’s office. Since we will start today with simple bets (1X and X2 – “victory of one of the teams” or “the team will not lose”), your odds for online betting on football must be at least 1.60. It can be seen in any bookmaker’s office, even without registration.

When choosing a match on which you will make a football bet, you must go through the elimination method—gradually weeding out teams with results-coefficient indicators. Often, you can find a high coefficient on the leaders of previous years who unexpectedly found themselves in the middle or at the bottom of the tournament table in the line. Still, you need to be sure that the event will play, the outcome 1X (victory of the 1st team or a draw) or X2 (a draw or victory of the 2nd team). For example, a lot of information can be found about the leading European championships; in general, a good half of the players make money at these games. However, you can still make online bets on lesser-known teams, for example, the championship of Sweden or Belarus, but high awareness is also required here.

Analysis of the upcoming game and bet criteria:

  1. Analysis of the upcoming game:

The most important thing in internet football betting (แทงบอลออนไลน์) is to analyze the upcoming game properly. But this is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Even the absence of one player of the main squad, who was not on the list of disqualified or injured, but for some other reason did not get into the application for the game, can change the result, not in our direction.

Touch here

In football, even a referee can influence the outcome of a match. Such statistics are not presented on traditional statistics sites, and here you have to work hard. If before the game there are doubts about the team’s choice, it is better to wait for the start of the match, where everything will fall into place, because you can understand a lot from the game. Moreover, bookmakers do not always manage to predict the outcome of a match in advance correctly. There were times when a team lost with odds of 1.01.

  1. Football betting criteria:

The main criteria to consider when choosing a football match and preparing the correct bet. We analyze them first.

Criteria for betting on football matches:

  • The place occupied by teams at the end of the last season and in previous years;
  • Transfers carried out in the off-season;
  • The presence of injured and disqualified players;
  • Team performance in the current season;
  • Teams’ performance in several official games of the current championship (it is advisable not to take friendly matches into account);
  • Press news and expert reviews about teams;
  • Bookmaker quotes for the upcoming match.

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