How the NFL Regular Season and Playoffs Work

Players who want to bet on sports online from sites like are becoming more and more interested in the NFL. The NFL regular season starts the Monday after Labor Day, which occurs on the first Monday of Sept. in the U. S. The defending Super Bowl champions typically host the opening contest on a Thursday night. Except for one game planned for Monday night, the remaining matches are played on Sunday.

Except for Thanksgiving weekend, which contains three Thursday games, every week of the season follows this pattern: one game on Thursday, one on Monday, and the remaining games on Sunday. Each team will play 17 regular-season games starting in 2021 as opposed to the previous 16 games. Each club plays 17 games throughout the 18-week season, with a bye week scheduled between Weeks 6 and 14. On September 8, 2022, the Buffalo Bills defeated the Los Angeles Rams, the team that had just won the previous Super Bowl.

How does the schedule work?

The National Football Conference and the American Football Conference, created in 1970 when the NFL combined with the American Football League, are divided among the 32 NFL clubs.

Each conference is split into four divisions of four teams, each that contains 16 teams. East, West, South, and North. Every NFL club plays each of its three division opponents twice in the regular season.

How do the Playoffs work?

Seven teams from each conference make up the 14 teams in the NFL playoffs. That comprises the three top teams from each conference that did not win their division, together with the eight-division champions and six wild cards.

Based on regular season records, the clubs in each conference are ranked from one to seven, and the top team in each conference goes straight to the second round. The Wild Card round is the name given to the opening round of the playoffs. Three division champions from each conference compete against wild card clubs in this event. It also streams live streaming on some websites like OKBET so fans can stay updated on their favorite teams.

The Divisional round is the next round, in which the top seed from each conference—which earned a bye—plays the lowest-seeded winning team from the Wild Card round while the other two winning teams from the Wild Card round square off. The four Divisional round champions move on to the Conference Championships to compete for a spot in the Super Bowl.

What is the Super Bowl?

The AFC champion and the NFC champion meet in the Super Bowl, the last game of the NFL season. It is the biggest night of sports in the United States. In January 2021, Super Bowl LV was expected to be watched by 91.6 million people in the United States alone.

All other major sports championships in the United States are decided over a series of games, but the Super Bowl is a one-time event. It is one reason why it is so popular. The game’s halftime show, where Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce have all performed in the past three years, and its ads, which have become a cultural phenomenon in the US, have made it very popular with casual fans.

When are the NFL playoffs for 2022–23?

On January 14–16, 2023, the Wild Card stage of the postseason for 2022–2023 will begin. On January 21 and 22, the divisional round takes place, and on January 29, the conference round takes place. These playoff matches will feature in OKBET live streaming.

The Pro Bowl is the next exhibition game with the best players from the regular season. It happens on February 5. On February 12, the Super Bowl will take place at Inglewood, California’s SoFi Stadium.

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