Does Online Blackjack Shuffle Every Hand

Blackjack is a game of 52 playing cards where players aim to have a total of 21 cards or more cards than the hand of the dealer. During blackjack gaming sessions, cards often get shuffled when almost half of the card deck is played. Online casinos do this to make the game fair for every player as it would be impossible to count cards. In this article, you will know if every hand is shuffled in online blackjack. 

How Does Online Blackjack Work?

Online casinos like Maneki Casino use the Random Number Generator. Instead of shuffling or dealing, online casinos use the RGN to ensure that the game cards are randomly generated. Therefore, similar cards won’t appear in similar order which could make the game too easy as players will be able to count cards. Card shuffling is done in online blackjack to make sure that every card appears randomly so players and dealers can’t tell which cards will appear. 

Is It Possible to Count Cards in Live Dealer Blackjack?

Alt: Online Blackjack

Virtual gambling platforms implement every essential security technique to ensure that skilled players do not abuse the game. To prevent players from counting cards, several online casinos use constant shuffling machines. However, multi-deck shoes are used in place of continuous shuffling machines to make card counting harder. 

While playing blackjack live dealers, programmed reshuffling has more advantages besides making it hard for players to count cards. Even if there are fewer players there will be more hands every hour because automatic reshuffling makes the gameplay faster. 

Blackjack Live Dealer Card Counting 

Online casinos make it impossible for players to count cards and they make sure of that in several ways. In online blackjack live dealer games, after four decks are dealt the shoe is replaced with another. As a result of that, shoe penetration is usually close to 50%.

Auto shuffling is used on some blackjack tables so the shoes are always changed before the dealer deals each hand. Besides that, the top cards will be removed automatically from the deck to make card counting difficult for skilled punters. 

According to the rules of online blackjack games, advanced software regulates the game and keeps count of the shoes dealt by the dealer. If a punter’s wagering patterns match one another repeatedly, the punter would be deemed a card counter. In such situations, the casinos are always notified and such players are usually stopped as card counting is prohibited in online blackjack games. 

How Do Dealing and Shuffling Work in Online Blackjack?

Alt: Blackjack Shuffling 

Regulated online casino blackjack games all make use of the Random Number Generator so they shuffle and deal differently. Dealing and shuffling are usually done according to the casino’s pseudorandom number generator algorithm. This algorithm is normally used in deciding the cards the dealer and gamblers will deal with. Therefore, the game’s cards are not drawn from any deck. This makes the game difficult for punters who are skilled in card counting and makes the game fair for every player. 

The PRNG algorithm ensures that card shuffling occurs at the end of every hand played. While playing these games, you will notice that immediately after 50% of the cards are dealt, the whole card will be shuffled. Punters can have a little advantage with the counting of cards with a cut of 50% as long as the remaining gaming regulations are fair. 

Online Blackjack Live Dealer Principles 

While playing blackjack live dealer games, during the shuffling of cards, skilled punters try to count the cards and place bets according to the counts. Normally, the blackjack cut cards are positioned at the shoe’s quarter and that could give skilled players a slight deck penetration edge. However, the counting of cards is somewhat an impossible task while playing blackjack live dealer games online. This is because the cut card is always positioned at the front or mid-shoe. 

In comparison with the normal online casino blackjack games, online live dealer blackjack dealing and shuffling are usually slower. Therefore, lesser rounds are played while playing live dealer blackjack which could be a disadvantage for punters who like to utilize their counting skills. Although the cards are irregularly shuffled which reduces the pace of the game progression, punters have access to an array of wagering limits. These betting limits could be at least $5 or at most $500 per stake. 

While playing blackjack live dealer games online, gamblers should adhere to the normal strategies of the game to bet the house edge. Although the shuffling principles of the game could make it a bit difficult for punters, online blackjack live dealer games are not rigged. As a result of that, several online blackjack punters often win cash prizes playing blackjack live dealer games online.  

Final Thoughts 

Online blackjack cards are often shuffled during game sessions, especially when almost half of the deck is played. This is done to make the game fair for every player and to avoid giving skilled players card counting edge. Therefore, Online Blackjack is a game of luck. 


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