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Top Tips To Crack The PMP Exam In Your First Attempt

PMP is regarded as the gateway of lucrative career opportunities for project managers. PMP rolls you up to take up senior-level roles in project management, but 4 out of 10 participants fail to crack it in the first attempt if you look at the market statistics.

Well, whatever may be the reasons for that, it really should not matter to you. This article will provide a few top-notch tips that will help you crack your PMP exam in the first attempt without breaking a sweat.

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Important tips for cracking PMP in first attempt
1) Master the PMBOK Guide
Mastering the PMBOK® Guide is the most important thing when it comes to cracking the PMP exam. PMBOK is published by PMI.

Although there are tons of books and guides available in the market, nothing comes to the official one.

PMBOK Guide clarifies all the necessary concepts, which sets the fundamental foundation to clear the exam.

This guide may seem to be boring to read but ignoring it is indeed not a good decision. So, start your PMP preparation with the PMBOK guide and make sure you revise at least twice or thrice before going to attempt the PMP exam.

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2) Have a Plan or Schedule
Let’s be honest; the PMP exam is not easy to crack, and it can be overwhelming, especially when you are planning to crack it in the first attempt. It would be best to have a clear mindmap before you start any preparation. Try to find all your weak points and plan according to that. Also, make sure to give most of your time to improving all your weak points. Also, make a sturdy schedule and stick to it. Divide your syllabus into small tasks and set deadlines to complete them.

3) Take Mock Tests & Solve a lot of practice questions
Whichever exam you may go for, mock tests are something that builds the confidence you need before appearing for the exam. Mock tests also help you practice whatever you have learned. The same goes for the PMP exam; make sure you practice tonnes of mock tests before the final day. Also, remember that the PMP exam is based on cases and scenarios, so mugging up the theoretical questions won’t do any good. Go out there and solve as many practical questions as you can. Doing all of this will help you build the skills you need to buckle up the questions in the exam and the problems that you will face as a project management professional.

4) Join the PMI and connect with other Project Managers
Well, there are a lot of benefits of becoming a PMI member before writing the exam. One of the major advantages is, you get to network with a lot of project management professionals. And many of them are already successful in their career and can be of great help to you. You can also find a group of other aspirants which again can be of great help.

Also, as most of them are working professionals, they are aware of all the latest developments in the field.

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Recap: Very first step is to master the PMBOK guide, have a rock-solid plan, give lots of mocks and practice questions, break down your syllabus and join PMI to network with other people.

And you know what, if you want to crack PMP in the first attempt, then you should treat the “preparation” itself as a “project.” Keep track of your progress and make necessary changes in your strategy based on what works and what doesn’t. And above everything else, be confident and stay consistent with your efforts.

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