BC.GAME Offers A Prize Pool Of $1.2 Million For Participants Of the RIO Carnival Event

BC.GAME never disappoints its fans. After the company’s successful Coco Carnival, BC.GAME now launches RIO Carnival Event this February 17, 2023. In this upcoming event, BC.GAME invited David Luiz to participate with the players. And since this is a huge event, the company put up to a $1.2 Million prize pool.

Aside from that massive prize pool, BC.GAME also allows the event`s official participants to redeem up to $600 every week. And that amounts to $24,000 if players successfully redeem weekly prizes within the event`s duration.

By looking at the prize pool, many of you are interested in becoming part of the event and may be asking how to sign up. Don’t worry; this guide will give you the steps to become an official participant in the RIO Carnival event.

How To Join the RIO Carnival Event?

With the exciting prizes participants can get from the event, many are interested in becoming part of the RIO Carnival event. You can join the event by simply earning RIO coins. You have to earn more RIO coins to ensure you will get considerable shares in the $1.2 Million prize pool. And how will you do that? We will discuss it below.

How To Obtain RIO Coins?

RIO coins act as the event`s special currency. You can have RIO coins in different ways, including making deposits or placing wagers in the event. For instance, betting at least $2 grants you one RIO coin and funding your account with $1 exchanges to one RIO coin. However, using your deposits in placing bets before getting your RIO coins is worth noting.

The casino website also offers users login rewards, which can be exchanged into RIO coins. Each time you log into the system, you will earn a minimum of five and a maximum of ten RIO coins. Furthermore, you are also free to invite your friends to sign up. And in every successful referral, the website will reward you with RIO coins.

It is worth noting to verify your account to become an official event participant and earn RIO coins successfully. This means that your referrals should also have a verified account for your rewards o be counted. On the other hand, players with multiple accounts will be removed from the event and will no longer have a chance to win the prizes.

What To Do With RIO Coins?

Aside from giving you a higher chance of taking home a considerable share percentage of the $1.2 Million prize pool, you can also convert your RIO coins into BCD (Bitcoin Dollars).In every RIO coin you have, you can convert into $1. The weekly prizes offered by BC.GAME can be converted up to $600.

The following is the list of the converted BCD prizes to be redeemed weekly. The list also includes the number of RIO coins you should have to get the prizes.

  • 5 BCD = 1,500 RIO Coins
  • 50 BCD = 10,000 RIO Coins
  • 150 BCD = 28,000 RIO Coins
  • 250 BCD = 48,000 RIO Coins

After you redeem the RIO coins and successfully convert them into BCD, the coins will be automatically burned. Fortunately, BC.GAME refreshes the prizes every Friday throughout the event duration.

RIO Carnival Event End Date

You have a month to get as many RIO coins as possible since the event will run from February 17 to March 16, 2023. This allows you to redeem up to $600 weekly by logging into the system every day. After the event, your RIO coins will be burned. Therefore, you have to withdraw all your winnings before the event closes.

To access the event, visit

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