What is a Live Casino and How to Play Online?

Whether you’re planning to join in the fun of gambling with friends or looking for something entertaining to do right at the comfort of your home, live casino online is the way to go. By simply using your smart devices, you can play live casino games as you wish.

So if you’re wondering what is live casino online all about and how it works, keep on reading.

What is a Live Casino?

Live Casino is one of the most convenient ways to experience entertainment and feel like you are in a real casino. Through the use of technology, a live casino is played online via live streaming, which consists of live dealers performing actual and real-time games. It is hosted at a casino table or in brick and mortar casinos and uses video links to stream live casino games and high-definition cameras to ensure that each game is closely monitored.

Contrary to the online casinos, live casinos bring all the fun and excitement to players by using their computers with actual dealers and players betting through an online chat. Furthermore, it consists of real-life games and events that happen in casinos. In short, a live casino provides a better gambling experience and entertainment.

How to play Live Casino?

If you’re considering playing live casino games, the first thing you must do is to find a licensed and reputable online casino platform, before gambling. After you have selected the most trustworthy, sign up and log in to your account.

Once in the game lobby, you can see another section where the list of live casino games is hosted. Go to that section, and choose the game you like to play. Afterward, you will be directed to the live casino session on the game of your liking.

When you are in the live casino session, you can place your bets or let the dealer place your bets. So live casino games are easy to play and work similarly on most platforms. In addition, considering that there is a live dealer throughout the game, you can freely ask via chat if you have questions, and the dealer will respond in the game.

What are the popular Live Casino Games?

Since live casinos online offer varying games, you will certainly enjoy it and won’t get into boredom. To begin playing in a live casino, here are some of the popular games you must try, including:

  • Live Blackjack- By far one of the top casino games where you can compete with the dealer, blackjack is the game for strategic players. The game rules are beating the dealer’s hand and not going over 21 to win.
  • Live Baccarat- Considered as the most popular game for the high rollers, live baccarat can be a play on single or multiple player tables. The standard rules of baccarat apply and are played by simply placing your bet on the player interface or may have varying rules depending on the game variations.
  • Live Roulette- Works similar to the real-life game, the live roulette is entertaining yet fast-paced and remains its basic rules. However, live roulette comes with limited time to place bets, and the dealer will spin the roulette wheel as soon as the time limit is up.


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