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Japan has many restrictions on gambling. Be careful when playing online or live to stream. However, the national gambling law allows certain forms of gambling, such as online slot machines and pachinko.

There are many great casino sites offering Japanese-themed slot machines provided by leading developers such as Slot Speed website and Micro gaming. The graphics are great, and the slot machine offers many cool features, such as bonus rounds and free spins. What else can players ask for? Check out the top 5 Japanese slot machine sites where you can try your luck.

All the above websites are licensed and supervised by authoritative organizations and are open to Japanese players. Most online casinos accept players who use U.S. dollars as their currency, but they can also use yen to play games. Of course, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the casino site of your choice in advance. There you can find detailed information about available currencies and payment methods.

Recommended casino sites provide Japanese slot machines and other types of slot machines, as well as table and live games suitable for big players. A warm welcome and extra offer await you-extra money, free spins and more! All operators are excellent, but Vera John Casino can be said to be our best choice.

Japanese themed online slot machine: sakura and money

As mentioned above, our most recommended casino offers a variety of slot machines with different functions and interesting themes. The Japanese-themed slot machine will definitely attract your attention with exquisite and detailed graphics and Japanese symbols such as cherry blossoms and the emperor. Here are some of our favorites, you will also like:

King of the Three Kingdoms-Features and Props

Realistic or more vivid, these Japanese online slot machines and other slot machines undoubtedly provide an excellent gaming experience and many ways to win additional prizes. Most websites offer demo mode and real money mode, so you can play games on your mobile device no matter where you are. Now that we have explored more Japanese slot machines, let us continue to play the traditional Japanese game Pachinko!

What is a Japanese pachinko?

Pachinko is a Japanese mechanical game similar to the popular slot machines that everyone knows. The pachinko machine is used not only as an entertainment game, but also as a game machine. Place a bet while playing on a vertical pinball machine equipped with small steel balls. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the few forms of gambling allowed in the country because gambling is prohibited. Pachinko is a low-stakes game, not a special prize token that can be purchased from other vendors, and you will not win cash.

The history of Japanese pachinko

In the 1930s, this game became a hobby of adults and became popular in Japan. The pachinko lounge was opened and closed during World War II, and then reopened in the late 1940s. The game continues to evolve from a wooden box with a bell to the modern and advanced electronic pinball as we know it today.

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How to play pachinko? -Tips and tricks

As mentioned earlier, you can use a small steel ball to play pachinko. They are also your bet, and you can get as many balls as you need from the seller. There is a lever that, when pulled, sends the ball into the game. The goal is to hit certain points, which will give you extra balls to play. The ball will pass through different obstacles and objects, but the most important thing is to reach the bottom center of the pachinko screen. Most modern pinball games have Japanese video slot machines in which you must match 3 consecutive numbers or symbols to win.

How to win with a pachinko machine?

When playing a slingshot, you need to hold as many steel balls as possible in the game for as long as possible. As mentioned above, you can play extra balls by hitting certain points or obstacles. This is a bet. In modern pachinko, you must press the same number or symbol 3 on each row of slots inserted in the game. End-of-game prizes are usually offered in the form of small novelties in silver or gold, which can be sold in cash.

Types of pachinko machines that can be played

Let us briefly summarize the types of pachinko games. First of all, we still have some classic machines that can be found in pachinko salons. Then there is a more modern version of the game that looks like an American pinball machine. Finally, there are more advanced pinball machines that can be played on slot machines, containing more numbers and advanced elements.

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The difference between pachinko and slot machines

As I said before, both pachinko and Japanese slot machines can be regarded as similar types of gambling. Both are allowed to play in Japan, usually with low stakes and added interesting features. Of course, they all have different structures and different rule sets.

Where can I play pachinko?

In Japan, there are pachinko salons everywhere. This game is not designed for online play, but when you do, it provides a more interesting and exciting experience. Japanese slot machines are supported online and can be played on desktop computers and mobile devices. You can still visit the casino, but not in the country.

In conclusion

Gambling in Japan may be strictly regulated, but locals and foreigners can still enjoy and earn additional income in a variety of ways. Pachinko is known as a classic Japanese game. It has been a part of the culture for decades, and it still exists today in a more modern digital format.

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