No Deposit Crypto Bonus – How The FOMC Meeting Will Affect The Crypto Markets?

While the original intent of the Federal Open Market Committee was to regulate the financial markets, changes in its scope have caused a roiling effect on the cryptocurrency markets. The upcoming meeting will likely trigger a more volatile market, despite the recent gains made by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, a positive impact on the market can still be expected. The FOMC Meeting Schedule includes important dates for Fed announcements. The decision of the Fed can affect the foreign exchange market a great deal. Traders should avoid the market on these dates and wait for the dust to settle. The Federal Reserve’s trading desk will discuss the upcoming Fed’s monetary policy and provide a thorough analysis of the global and local financial markets. This is essential information for traders to get the best out of the FOMC Meeting Schedule.


Correlation Between FOMC And Crypto Markets

The meeting will also determine the direction of Bitcoin’s price. While bad news for the dollar is good for Bitcoin, this doesn’t always mean that it will boost the price. The first FOMC meeting in 2020 was followed by a decent pump, and the second was a short-term rally. Despite all of this, Bitcoin has failed to break out of the bear market, with the first FOMC meeting of 2020 being a bust. The Fed’s response to the stock market crash and emergency meetings pumped the market back up, but that didn’t stop it from retesting its bear-market bottom.

While a bad meeting for the dollar can benefit the no deposit crypto bonus, the news for the dollar itself doesn’t always lead to a spike. In fact, the first FOMC meeting in 2020 followed a modest Bitcoin pump, followed by another short-term rally. The second meeting followed a dump. As of September 18, Bitcoin retested the bottom of the bear market. Moreover, the emergency meetings and stimulus money boosted the stock market, which helped Bitcoin regain some of its lost ground.

Best Ideas For FOMC Meeting Schedule 

The next FOMC meeting will take place on September 18th, and the dollar will be under intense pressure once again. After the end of the August FOMC meeting, the market started to dump. Those who bought into this rally soon thereafter lost their money. The FOMC’s first meeting is expected to reveal the Fed’s inflation plan. Any deviation from the target rate could send the cryptocurrency into a rocket-like trajectory.

A good number of markets react to the fomc meeting during this time, the Fed is expected to announce its inflation plan. Then, a good amount of volatility will be experienced in both Bitcoin and the dollar. In addition to the potential to crash the dollar, there are still other ways to protect your investments.

While bad news for the dollar is beneficial for Bitcoin, it doesn’t necessarily result in a big boost. After the late August meeting, a decent pump in Bitcoin followed. The second FOMC meeting in 2020 followed a decent rally. The September 18th FOMC meeting also saw a dump, but this was the last one. Although the market has recovered since then, the market’s September 18th meeting is not expected to affect the cryptocurrency markets.

Despite the market’s volatility, the Fed’s announcement is expected to trigger a positive reaction in the crypto markets. Historically, bad news for the dollar is a catalyst for a boost in Bitcoin. The first two meetings of 2020 were accompanied by a decent pump in Bitcoin. After the second meeting, the market had a dump.

What’s Next?

After the August meeting, there was a dump. The September 18th meeting is expected to be equally volatile. Similarly, the first two meetings of 2020 will lead to a bullish outcome for the US dollar. A weaker dollar will be a boon for the currency markets. A positive outcome for the US dollar is a boon for Bitcoin. The first FOMC meeting in 2020 was followed by a moderate pump in Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the second meeting had a dump, while the second meeting was followed by a huge pump. The FOMC Meeting Schedule is an important day in the forex calendar. The announcement will impact every economic indicator in the US and around the world. With the volatility, traders should implement proper risk management rules. During the FOMC Meeting Schedule, it’s essential to follow the forex trading strategy and make the most of it.

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