Get To Know The History Of Judi Slot Games From The Past Until Now

Judi slot online has been known for a long time in Indonesia. Previously, this slot game was more popular abroad, more precisely in Las Vegas, the United States. Given that there is a center for international gambling, it will be very easy to get a profitable slot machine game.

The first slot machine known as one hand bandit is a type of online gambling game that uses machine media for betting. To be able to play it, you must pull the lever on the slot machine so that the reels in it spin and land the biggest winning symbols for the players.

History and Development of Slot Machines in the iGaming Industry

Slot games are one of the online gambling games that continue to get a touch of innovation by developers or gambling providers. Online slot gambling also occupies the top position as the most popular type of betting game in all parts of the world.

Although some people think that this slot game only provides losses, in fact there are still many players who manage to get the biggest profits by playing judi slot online. So, what is the history and development of the current slot machines?

1. First created in the United States

The United States became the first country to introduce and popularize judi slot online machines. Charles August Fey is an American national who first created the classic slot machine.

He also came from the city of San Francisco and created a slot machine with reels made of iron. It includes 3 cast iron reels on which playing card symbols are attached. The symbols embedded in this judi slot machine are Spade, Heart, Diamond, Bell, and Horseshoes.

That is the reason the classic judi slot game in its day was known as the simplest and easiest gambling game for anyone to play. To win, the player must be able to land the bell of liberty symbol in sequence.

2. iGaming companies are starting to emerge

The judi slot online machine created by Charles Fey was suddenly popular in the United States. In fact, he also had the initiative to establish a company specifically producing slot machines. This was done because there were many complaints from customers so that Charles Fey would repair a broken slot machine so that this gave him a big advantage.

3. Competition between slot machine companies is intense

Although Charles Fey has already made a profit by creating judi slot online machines games, in reality the name of the business clearly has ups and downs due to the emergence of other competitors.

The emergence of various slot machine development companies makes the creators have to be eliminated. This has caused him to experience a slump due to very tight business competition. Not only that, at this time slot machines still have not received permission from the local government, causing them to experience many obstacles.

4. Slot machines are considered illegal but still mass produced

Between 1902 and 1908, judi slot machines games were deemed illegal by the United States. However, many companies that produce slot machines, in the end, have to carry out transactions secretly so that the government does not know.

Some of the companies are also desperate to replace the symbols on the classic version of the slot machine. Which is replaced with a fruit symbol or known as a fruit machine. Then, the winning prizes were replaced with candies, sweets, chocolates and others.

5. Transform classic slots into video slots

Entering 1976, the judi slot online machine from Charles Fey was officially removed by the production slot machine from Fortune Coin. No longer using manual operations, the latest version of this slot machine has the size of a TV with a width of 19 inches. This machine has also implemented the use of video technology so that it is much favored by players.

6. Official judi slot online games shift the popularity of classic slots

Over time, the classic slot machine has actually been abandoned by players who have switched to the video slot version. Right in 1990, there were many judi slot online sites that officially introduced online gambling games to players around the world. So that it makes it easier for many people to play judi slot online.

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